I Can’t Find the Rear Bolts to Get My Seats Out

If you don’t see the head of the bolt then you have to …

Here is an email we recently received: I'm hoping you can help with a suggestion. I've been through all the documentation I can find, and even drove into the local Mercedes mechanic... I am at an impasse. My driver's seat won't come out. I've removed 5 bolts: 2 in front, 2 in the back--and 1 on the drive shaft hump... The seat remains fixed, back below where the rear bolts came out, against the floor. (Please see attached photo). My hardware does not look like the hardware I am seeing others remove on YouTube videos (my rear bolts are Phillips' head). This has me wondering if there are also other, unusual differences about my car. ?? Do you have any ideas?  Rick

Problem & Solution

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W111 W112 Coupe
W108 W109

We have had emails like this before, so I know this person is not alone in their “impasse.” One of the first manuals Kent wrote was on Seat Removal and Repair  (see related products below). In this case, the person is taking out the wrong screw (Phillips' head). That is for holding the seat track to the seat frame. Here is Kent’s reply: 

Hi Rick, unfortunately, you are trying to remove the incorrect bolt.  The rear bolt is underneath and on top the track sitting right on the floor. Please review my manual again. You have to get the seat further forward in order to see the bolt ( which is on the floor, not the seat frame). Both the front adjustment AND the side pull adjustment have to be all the way forward so your “belly” is almost hitting the steering wheel.  :-). If the seat won’t move, see further tips in my manual. With the seat ALL the way forward you will be able to see the rear (10mm hex head) bolt.