Diesel Engine Fuel Leaks

The sources of fuel leaks and procedures needed to repair them are many

It seems like old diesels just leak! But it does not have to be that way. Fuel leaks are not acceptable and they can be fixed much easier than oil leaks. If you don't pay attention to your fuel delivery system then your mileage will suffer. Kent has had customers come in complaining about poor fuel economy only to discover the fuel hose back at the tank had a big leak! If you see wetness under your car, stop and find the problem before your car leaves you stranded on the freeway.

Problem & Solution

Common among these chassis:


The source of leaks are many. Some are external while others are internal inside the engine. Here is a list of fuel leaks listed in order of the most common first:

  • Injector return hoses
  • Fuel hoses and clamps in the engine compartment
  • Fuel hoses and clamps back at the fuel tank
  • Pre-filter
  • Hand primer pump
  • Main fuel filter bolt seals
  • Delivery valves 60x engines
  • Fuel warmer on 60x engines
  • Fuel injector hard metal lines
  • Fuel injector nozzles (leaking fuel into the engine)

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