61x Diesel Engine Compartment Fuel Hose and Clamp Replacement Kit

For early diesels 1968 to 1985 220D 240D 300D 300CD 300TD 300SD

This inexpensive kit will allow you to replace the old hardened and brittle fuel hose in your diesel's engine compartment as well as those old worn out factory clamps with new high quality worn gear clamps that will not cut into the rubber hose.

61x Diesel Engine Compartment Fuel Hose and Clamp Replacement Kit

Product Details

You ask, What about that funny looking cigar shaped hose? We do sell those separately and ideally that should be your first choice, but from our experience running regularly fuel hose as the return hose works just fine. Even Mercedes went to regular hose on the later 60x engines (after 1985). Kit comes with 3 feet of correct size fuel hose and 6 HD clamps. The hose is not biodiesel spec but does hold up well to biodiesel if used in small amounts. If you are running B80 to B100 we recommend our other Super Flex fuel hose specifically made for biodiesel (enter Super Fuel into the search box)

PLEASE NOTE: No instructions are included but replacement is very straight forward.

Here are the other things you should consider replacing if you plan to change out your fuel hoses:

Mercedes Heavy Duty Monark Ultimate Hand Primer Pump

Mercedes 90 Degree Inline Fuel Prefilter with brass inserts



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