Fuel Leaks at Rear of Car

Fix at first sign of wetness under car - BEFORE total failure

We are seeing more and more failures of the rear fuel line coming out of the fuel tank on the 116, 123 and early 126 diesels. The original fuel line is braided and with age these lines rot and begin to leak. If your fuel mileage has dropped off you might want to look under the back of your diesel Benz! Also as pictured I have seen some of these fuel lines improperly installed so the line will rub through on the rear axle boot. Check your fuel lines for cracks. If they are showing age replace them now.

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Problem & Solution

Common among these chassis:


NOTE: When replacing this hose you have to drain the tank. This would be a good time to remove the fuel tank screen and inspect that as well. Be sure to watch Kent's video on power loss problems related to the fuel tank screen.