Using Diesel Purge: The Best Medicine for a Sick Diesel Engine

Learn how this works so well and how you can do it yourself

Rough running and poor performing old diesel engines are an epidemic. Diesels can be very reliable. They seem to go forever - BUT that does not mean they are "happy" while going forever. When the engine starts running rough that is a sign there is something wrong. Take care of it soon or suffer the $$ consequences.

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Problem & Solution

Common among these chassis:

W110 W111 W112 Sedan

What do you do first? If you know your engine is mechanically healthy (i.e. has recent valve adjustment and good compression) then the next thing you should do is a diesel purge. This requires running a VERY strong injection system cleaner through the fuel delivery system. This is not an additive you put in the tank! It must be put in the bottle and run directly into the engine. This is the very best medicine for old sick diesels as reported by hundreds of owners.

We carry all the resources you need to do this yourself. Our starter kit comes with written instructions or you can watch Kent's very detailed on-demand video walking you through the theory, precautions and step-by-step process of performing a diesel purge on your engine. Unless your engine is worn out you will be amazed at the results.