Diesel Fuel Injector Anti Leak Kit w/ Instructions

For sealing all Diesel mechanical injectors 1961 to 1993

We receive a large number of emails from customers complaining about small fuel leaks at the fuel injector housing (coming out the threads between the two halves)and how best to seal them. To fix this high pressure leak requires taking the injector apart and "lapping" the mating surfaces. Seal is by metal to metal contact. There is no o-ring or gasket inside the injector.

Diesel Fuel Injector Anti Leak Kit w/ Instructions
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Diesel Injector Anti Leak Fix Procedure by Kent Bergsma - Download

Diesel Fuel Injector Anti Leak Kit w/ Instructions

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This kit includes three grades of fine sandpaper and complete lapping instructions. In some cases of very slight fuel seepage a special anaerobic sealant can be used to stop the leak without taking the injector apart. We include a small tube of this special sealant along with tips on how to use it successfully!

This little inexpensive kit is guaranteed to save fuel and put a smile on your face! As long as you have your injectors out you should thoroughly clean them and test them for pressure and spray. See related products below for more information.


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