Finding the Source of Interior Water Leaks

This can drive you crazy. Never assume anything. The leak may be coming from a place you would least expect

Interior water leaks create problems. If not dealt with they can create rust through in your floor panels. They cause fogging of the windows, produced bad smells, and can root out your carpets. They are common on older models, particularly those that have sat outside in the elements for years.

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Problem & Solution

Common among these chassis:

W108 W109

Fixing the problem is usually not the hard part. Finding where the leak is coming from is often the biggest challenge. If you are having leaks DO NOT throw money at the problem until you actually find the SOURCE of the leak. Watch Kent's on demand video to see the techniques he used to isolate the real source. Once found many can be fixed with either replacing a seal, unplugging a drain or repairing the rust through with Miracle Paint. 

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