Testing Diesel Engine Glow Plugs for Proper Operation

Burned out glow plugs, bad pre glow relay, blown fuse, wiring - all need to be tested

If you are not familiar with automotive electrical testing, glow plug systems troubleshooting can be a little intimidating. But it is not rocket science! If you are willing to learn some new techiques and purchase a few inexpensive testers you will be able to easily test your glow plug system by yourself and possibly save hundreds of dollars in the process. 

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Problem & Solution

Common among these chassis:


Kent knows that glow plugs and related systems are the 'achilles heel' of diesel engines. When they don't work you are going nowhere. This is the reason he has written and filmed a number of instruction manuals on this subject. We offer a number of kits with instructions that will allow you to get your diesel engine running again with renewed power, less smoke and better fuel economy.

We offer a number of DIY glow plug systems troubleshooting manuals that you can purchase printed or in PDF download format. Be sure to review the related problems to the right.

If you want to learn more about troubleshooting automotive electrical problems and the equipment you will need to do it properly be sure and watch Kent's on demand video manual on Basic Automotive Electrical Troubleshooting. You will be glad you did!