Diesel Engine Glow Plug Timer Relay Failure - Options for Repair

Here is an option to replace the pre-glow factory unit with a reliable manual controlled relay

Tired of messing with your old factory relay or maybe you are tired of having to pull a lever to light your glow plugs.  Have you ever had a relay come on and drain your battery while driving? Ever had a relay fail on you when you are far from home? Wish there was a better way to control the amount of time the glow plugs stay hot both before and after engine startup?

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Problem & Solution

Common among these chassis:

W110 W111 W112 Sedan

We offer a number of solutions to solve your glow plug relay problems. BUT before you panic be sure to check the strip fuse inside the relay top cover. You cannot believe how many fuses Kent has sent with very fine hair-line cracks. They are not evern burnt so it is hard to see the failure. We also have manuals available to help you troubleshoot your glow plug related problems. So do a diagnosis BEFORE you order parts. If you are sure the relay has failed you can replace it with a quality Monark unit we offer or you can install one of our manual push button override kits.