How to Get a New Hood Pad on Straight

When using contact cement you have one shot to get it right! Kent's video will show you how to prevent mistakes.

One of the most difficult aspects of installing a new foam hood pad is getting it on the hood straight and in the correct position. Contact cement is the best glue to use for a long-lasting installation (not all contact cement is created equal), but once you put the hood pad on the hood you will not be able to move it. If you try you will end up tearing the foam.

Problem & Solution

Common among these chassis:

W108 W109

Our hood pad kits come with Kent's video instructions on how to specifically prevent that problem along with the very best glue you can find for the application. Instructions and glue can also be purchased separately. Please see related products to the right. We recently received this testimonial from a happy customer! New hood pads do make a difference...

"Please tell Kent thanks for the hood pad and the instructional video. From the video, my son and I installed the pad last night in what I'll call a Mercedes by Moonlight DIY session. Just the right amount of glue and the tips about how to get the pad on straight were very helpful. We both think it's that much quieter/more smooth around 3000-4000 RPM with a pad in place. Love your website and the videos. I describe it to others as a community college course in car repair.  Best Regards, Paul C."