Hood Pad Complete Installation Kit w/Video Instructions

The VERY BEST glue and MOST COMPLETE KIT for installing any foam hood pad that requires gluing- UPS GROUND SHIPPING ONLY.

VERY LIMITED STOCK LEFT -- INVENTORY SET! This kit includes everything you will need to successfully install a new foam hood pad in your older Mercedes. By successful, we mean getting in on straight and having it stay in place for the life of the pad!  If you think it is a no-brainer, think again. We have seen way too many hood pads installed improperly. This kit includes a special contact cement ideally suited for bonding foam hood pads to steel or aluminum hoods.  You will receive one quart can of glue which will be more than enough even if you apply it too thick.  Kent's video instructions are included with this kit free of charge to make sure you do use it correctly. 

Hood Pad Complete Installation Kit w/Video Instructions
Free Add-Ons Included:

How to Properly Install a Foam Hood Pad - On Demand Video

Product Details

Watch Kent use the plastic scraper to remove an old original hood pad

The kit also includes two throw-away application brushes and one plastic scraper to help you scrape the old pad and glue off the inside of your hood without scratching the surface. A 9x12 foot sheet of plastic is included as well.

NOTICE: We no longer sell hood pads but they are readily available on the internet at attractive prices. Just do a google search for "hood pad Mercedes xxx" with your chassis #

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