Exhaust System Rattles and Shakes

Fix it before it leads to major failure! Exhaust muffler found dead on road...

Exhaust system rattles are a sign of impeding trouble.  It can mean your exhaust manifold bolts are loose or one of more of your exhaust rubber hangers has broken.  If you ignore it you can crack your engine's exhaust manifold or leave you exhaust dragging down the road.

Problem & Solution

Common among these chassis:


Fixing the problem is usually an easy DIY job.  Most exhaust systems have four rubber round hangers (donuts).  If you have a problem with one replace all of them. They do not last forever!

If you have a 617 turbo diesel you could have a broken flex down pipe. This is the pipe that comes out of the back of the engine.  There is no good way to fix this.  You will need to replace with new or good used. 

If you have a hole or cracked pipe you may be able to fix it with miracle paint and fiberglass cloth.  Yes the stuff does hold up to heat as long as you are not trying to attach it too close to the engines exhaust manifold.

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