Changing Your Power Steering Pump and Filter

This is often neglected and an easy D.I.Y. job

Yes, there is a small filter inside the power steering pump on almost all model Mercedes from the early 1960's up through the mid 1990's. This filter and fluid are often neglected and in some cases owners are not even aware a filter exists. Both the filter and the power steering fluid should be changed every 30,000 miles. You can not believe some of the ugly dark fluid I have seen inside many pumps over the years. Keeping this fluid clean and free flowing will reduce the wear on the pump and particularly the steering box. It will also reduce the possibility of leaks due to hardened seals.

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Common among these chassis:


Our power steering filter kits come with complete instructions on how to flush the old fluid out of the system. Most pumps up through 1985 used auto transmission fluid. Starting with the 201 and 124 chassis special fluid is used.