Can or Should I Replace My Rear Axle Boots?

If the axle joints are still good new boots are sometimes a good solution

Kent goes over what you should look for when inspecting your rubber rear axle boots, how to determine if they are worth replacing, and some of the challenges you may be faced with when doing this yourself. This is not a step-by-step video on how to do it. Full instructions for replacement come with the axle boot kit from

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Problem & Solution

Common among these chassis:


Our kits are specifically for 114 and 115 chassis 220 230 250 250C 280 280C 240D 300D 1968 to 1976, 116 chassis 350SE 450SE 450SEL 280SE 280SEL 300SD 1973 to 1980, 123 chassis 1977-1985 Models 230 240D 240TD 280E 280CE 300D 300CD 300TD, 126 chassis 380SE/L 300SD 500SE/L 300SDL 420SE/L 300SE/L 380SEC  1981-1991.