Buying a Used Mercedes Quick Check No. 1

Your inspection should always include this

When inspecting a Mercedes you are considering purchasing, there are a number of things you MUST check. Do not get so excited about buying the car that you fail to do a careful visual inspection on your first visit. There are many reasons a seller may be selling their car and it is NOT always just because they are looking to get something new....

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Common among these chassis:

Classic Sedans
W108 W109
W110 W111 W112 Sedan
W111 W112 Coupe

You can not believe how many emails we get from people who wish they would have come to our website, watched Kent's videos and purchased some of his manuals BEFORE buying their Mercedes. The tales of woe and lost money are too numerous to list ( we have listed one sample below).Determining engine condition is the most importand and sometimes the most difficult. Without maintenance records it can be risky business. But, looking down in the valve cover can give you a clue as to how well the engine has been maintained. Just looking on the dip stick may not be enough since they may have just recently changed the oil.

ALWAYS remove the oil fill cap on the valve cover and look down inside the engine. If you see something like this you might want to run the other way!!

Foaming in the cap demonstrates the engine is not healthy. It could be a small headgasket leak, excessive moisture in the engine due to lack of use, or the engine not breathing properly. Also check the oil on the end of the dipstick. If it is low or very dirty go look for another car. If the seller does not care enough to put new oil in the engine and fill it up before attempting to sell it, imagine how much he or she cares the rest of the time.

Recent quote received from customer:  Right now I can describe my self with a quote from you 
"There is nothing more expensive than a cheap Mercedes" Some cunning mechanic cheated me and sold me a 300TE 1991 wich looks and feels fabulous but needs lots of replacements. I really wish I have had seen your clips before that, because I trusted a man who isn't trustworthy. And just keep wondering how these mechanics do the magic trick making a car hang on for just few days (weeks maybe) after exiting their garage?