Part 2: Diesel Buyer Beware - Cylinder Head Gasket Failure and Removal Woes - On Demand Video

Is it really only "just a head gasket?" Kent will remove a cylinder head to illustrate the myth.

When an engine is both overheating and losing coolant, you first want to exhaust all possibilities that the cause is something simple or inexpensive to repair. It is possible it might just be a stuck thermostat with a faulty water pump leaking coolant at the same time. When you have checked everything external to no avail, then you may have to open up the engine to find the culprit. It could be just a "blown head gasket" or it could end up being a lot more.... especially if the car has sat idle or driven too much with a known problem.

Part 2: Diesel Buyer Beware - Cylinder Head Gasket Failure and Removal Woes - On Demand Video
On Demand Video
Removing the Cylinder Head to Diagnosis an Overheating Diesel - On Demand Video

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In the previous video in this series, Kent explained testing the cooling system and doing a compression test on an 82 300D. You might want to watch that video to see the background to the problem. Due primarily to the condition of the coolant and the slow leak in the cooling system,it became obvious that the head would have to be removed. Follow along as Kent shows you how to safely remove a 617 diesel cylinder head and inspect the head and the engine block. You will be amazed at what he actually found inside the engine!

He spends time talking about the options you have if you find out the engine is in bad shape and the things you will want to replace on a used diesel engine BEFORE installing it in the car. Finally, he concludes the video by talking about the "moral of the story" and stressing the importance of preventative maintenance if you want your diesel engine to last.

Related Repair Details NOT included: Only the specifics on removing the cylinder head are covered. This is NOT a step by step instruction. It is assumed you know how to remove things like the valve cover, disconnect the radiator, remove the cylinder head bolts, etc. The important things are covered though, particularly how to avoid big mistakes.  Instructions on repairing or replacing the cylinder head are NOT included here.

Chassis/Models Used in Production: 1982 300D Turbo

Applies to the Following Chassis/Models: 116, 123, and 126 five cylinder 617 diesel engines. The principles apply indirectly to other diesels like the 615 and 616 but the actual steps of removing the head are specific to the OM617 turbo engine.

Total Run Time:  25:22 

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