Broken or Leaking Transmission Bowden Shift Control Cable

Both problems require removal and it can be a little "tricky"

The bowden cable runs from the transmission to the throttle linkage on many Mercedes from the early 1980's up through the early mid 1990's. When this cable fails or is out of adjustment the transmission will either shift too early or too late. The o-ring seal where the cable attaches to the transmission can also leak fluid.

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Problem & Solution

Common among these chassis:


We offer the resources you will need to remove and replace the cable yourself while the transmission is in the car. New cable, new oring, instructions, and a tool. You do not need to remove the transmission oil pan but the right tools and instructions are essential. 

You will need a good clamping plier to remove and replace this cable without breaking the plastic housing. We have found our special clamping tool (that we build here in our shop) is the ideal tool for this job (see related products below for all our resources).