126 Chassis Sedan Window Glass not Moving Up and Down

Common to all 126 sedans 1981 to 1991 - you hear the motor mechanism running but glass is not moving or it's binding

Can you hear the motor running behind the door panel?  The window may be jerking up and down or not moving at all. Maybe you can hear a clunking noise.  Maybe you are wondering if you can fix this yourself?  In many cases it can be a cheap and fairly easy repair if you are willing to take the door panel off and get your hands greasy.

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Problem & Solution

Common among these chassis:


Usually the plastic slide fails as the factory part is weak and Kent believes not properly engineered. We offer a replacement kit with two slides (much better quality) along with complete instructions. If you are not familiar with door panel removal we offer a manual and a video that will help you with this procedure.

Be sure to check out Kent's video explaining the problem AND the solution in detail.