123 300TD Wagon Rear Hatch Release and Locking Mechanism (used)

Fits Late 1981 - 1985 300TD Wagons Only -- NO Inside Chrome Handle attachment or chrome handle (tab broken off)

Only one available as shown. This is a good working latch but it does have one problem. I have seen these get so badly rusted and corroded that they are impossible to repair. Not the problem with this one. Very clean and no rust. The pot metal tab that holds the inside chrome handle has broken off, so you won't be able to open the hatch from inside the car.

123 300TD Wagon Rear Hatch Release and Locking Mechanism (used)

Product Details

 The until works find and releases the hatch from the outside, but the INSIDE LEVER WILL NOT WORK UNLESS YOU REPAIR OR MODIFY THE INSIDE PIECE THAT HOLDS THE INSIDE CHROME HANDLE! If you have a good pot metal tab from another unit that is seized you can remove it and replace it by carefully grinding the rivet head slightly, then remove and replace by hammering the head to hold it in place ( or you can use a long narrow bolt with a locking nut). If yours is badly corroded and will not operate, this is a good replacement. Just keep in mind it will not open from the inside unless you fabricate some way to attach a handle on the inside of the hatch. I only have one that is not damaged. See related products below:

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