1961 to 1980 Power Sunroof Cable Transmission Drive Unit Service and Repair - On Demand Video

Covers theory of operation - complete service and repair, and installation tips of this critical unit. Part 2 of Broken Sunroof Series

The sunroof transmission drive unit moves the cable back and forth to open and close the sunroof. There are 5 gears inside this unit that transfer the incoming drive from the motor ( high speed) to the final drive moving the cable (slow speed). If this unit becomes over stressed due to lack of lubrication in the sunroof panel mechanism gears can break or strip or the cable itself can be damaged.  It is VERY important that this unit be inspected and properly serviced just because it NEVER gets done - even by so called professional mechanics. 

1961 to 1980 Power Sunroof Cable Transmission Drive Unit Service and Repair - On Demand Video
On Demand Video

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In this 12.5 minute instructional video Kent will take apart one of these units and will explain what each gear does and how everthing should do together. You will get to see a broken gear repaceed and the entire unit properly lubricated and reassembled in preparation for going back into your trunk. At the end of the video he will share some installation tips and demonstrate how to set the clutch adjustment for future installation of the cable and sunroof panel.







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