1972 to 1987 Bosch Long Diesel Fuel Injector Critical Replacement Parts - Used

Other than the nozzle itself, these are the critical parts that wear out internally and can cause leaks and misfiring.

When “rebuilding” an old Bosch mechanical fuel injector, replacing the nozzle is usually enough get it working again at peak performance. But sometimes you will run into a fuel injector that just won't fire right nor product a correct fan spray pattern. Other times you may install the injector only to find out fuel leaks out between the two halves. This can happen because the internal parts of the injector are damaged or worn out ( ie weak spring or scored or pitted center section). These parts are not available new and if you buy a used injector on eBay there is no guarantee these parts are any good. 

1972 to 1987 Bosch Long Diesel Fuel Injector Critical Replacement Parts - Used

Product Details

These parts have been inspected for wear and are in good condition. You will receive one original shim but it may not be the right size for your injector halves. We recommend you have an assortment of shims on hand the adjust the release pressure when installing these parts. See related products below:

The picture below shows what the "LONG" injector looks like and the associated parts need.

This picture shows the distinct difference between the short injector ( on the RIGHT ) and the long injector ( on the LEFT ). Make sure you order the correct parts for your style  of fuel injector. NONE of the internal parts ( other than the nozzle ) are interchangeable.


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