1977 to 1985 Diesel engine Idle Speed Adjustment TOOL

Quickly adjust the idle speed on OM 616 and OM 617 Diesel engines in the late W116, W123 and early W126 (300SD). Video instructions included.

Diesel idling too fast. Diesel idling too slow. Diesel shaking at idle. Transmission jerks with shifting from Park to Drive. These are some of the symptoms that might indicate your engine's idle speed is not adjusted correctly. With Kent's detailed video instructions, this long-reach special tool you will be able to adjust your idle speed in under 10 minutes.

1977 to 1985 Diesel engine Idle Speed Adjustment TOOL
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How to Adjust Older Diesel Engine Idle Speed - On Demand Video

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PLEASE NOTE: Without a digital tach you will have to adjust the idle speed by "feel." Often the dash tach does not work or is inaccurate. The instructions included show you how to use a digital tach as well as this tool to lower or increase your idle speed. 


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