560SL Steering Lock with Ignition Tumber Installed and Tested

New Old Stock Genuine steering lock assembly for 1986 to 1989 R107 560SL

If your 560SL key starts to stick, is stuck, and won't turn, or you have lost your key this is your solution. In the first two situations, your lock is probably worn out, and trying to change out the tumbler will not solve the problem. If you have lost your key you are most likely going to have to damage your current lock assembly to get it out of the car. A complete new assembly as shown is your best solution and YES you can do it yourself with Kent's 40-minute video class which is included free with purchase!

560SL Steering Lock with Ignition Tumber Installed and Tested $346.00Sale
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1972 to 1985 R107 Steering Lock Removal Video Class - 40 Minutes On Demand

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NOTE ON INSTRUCTIONS; The video instructions included say to 1985, but 80 percent of the instructions included will apply to the 560SL including the location of the pin that must be pushed in or ground off in order to get the steering lock out of the column and get the ignition switch off the back if you have lost the key or you can not turn the tumbler. If the key will not work or is missing you will need something the grind the pin off. We highly recommend the special removal kit that Kent has put together. See related products below: