615 616 Diesel Exhaust / Intake Manifold Gasket

Fits 1969 to 1983 220D and 240D

Fits 115 and 123 chassis 220D and 240D to 1983. Check yours for staining around the gasket. Also check nuts for tightness. These symptoms may indicate a leak. This is an important maintenance item! I have seen bad leaks as well as completely loose intake and exhaust manifolds. If you engine is making puffing sounds you may have exhaust leaking coming out of this gasket.

615 616 Diesel Exhaust / Intake Manifold Gasket

Product Details

Please note there is no published torque for replacing the OM616 and OM617 intake manifold gasket. That is probably due to two reasons.  1. The use of a “crushable” gasket.  2. The use of locking nuts. On some engines it is very difficult to even get a torque wrench on some of the nuts. In cases like this you have to use “mechanics torque.”  What is that? That is a feel that comes from experience. For this type of application you want to tighten the nuts in maybe three steps working from the center out and tighten them down until you crush the gasket, but not so tight that you totally flatten the gasket. 

When installing this new gasket we recommend you also install new locking nuts. Look below to order.


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