Fuel Tank Level Sending Unit Service Kit w/ 2 Instructional Videos

Most models 1968 to 1995 with tubular sending unit inside the fuel tank.

If your fuel gauge stops working or is not reading accurately, many times it can be repaired by removing it from the fuel tank, taking it apart and giving it a good internal cleaning of the contact points, float shaft, and wires. It is very delicate so you have to be VERY careful when handling it. That is why Kent designed this kit with a very small brass cleaning brush and a special screwdriver to take the unit apart. 

Fuel Tank Level Sending Unit Service Kit w/ 2 Instructional Videos
Free Add-Ons Included:

1970's and 1980's Fuel Tank Gauge Sending Unit Removal and Repair - On Demand Video

Fuel Tank Level Sending Unit Service Kit Update - On Demand Video


Product Details

Trailer from the full on demand video instructions

The kit includes the following:

  • Specially modified screwdriver
  • Narrow head brass brush
  • Scotch Brite Pad
  • Pair of Nitrile gloves
  • Detailed video instructions cover taking the unit apart, cleaning and reassembly

NOTE ON THE INSTRUCTIONS: Information on accessing the sending unit in all models is not included in the video. If you are not sure where your sending unit is or how to get to it - just google it. We recommend our special big socket to aid in removal from the fuel tank ( this is the same socket that fits most fuel tank filter screens ) See related products below to order separately. 

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