Genuine Brake Pad Paste ( 2 Pack )

Applicable for all models with disk brakes

There are other brands of brake pad anti-squeal paste on the market, but for me the factory Mercedes paste has proven to be the most effective. It simply stays in place and holds up better over the long haul.

Genuine Brake Pad Paste ( 2 Pack )

Product Details

Included are two packets of paste. It is recommended you have one packet per brake. If you are doing either front or rear brakes then two packets are more than enough. If you are doing all four brakes you should have 4 packets (especially if your brakes use metal anti squeal shims between the pad and the caliper piston typical on the older models).

When replacing brake pads, the caliper contact points should be cleaned and paste applied to the back side of the pad, the metal edges of the pad, and on the back of the spring clips where the pins make contact.  Avoid excessive application to prevent paste from  getting on the braking surface of the pads.

The spring clips should be greased where they come in contact with the edges of the pads and the pins should be greased where they come in contact with the spring clips.

PLEASE NOTE: NO instructions are included. Pad installation instructions are included free of charge when you purchase pads from us. They are also included in my complete manual on brake system component replacement. Look below to order.

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