Kent's Ultimate Door Lubrication Kit

Instead of 4 to 5 different lubricants to get everything lubed inside old Mercedes Doors - NOW these two will do everything!

Kent has been "into" lubrication since his younger years, flying and working on airplanes over 50 years ago. Back then, you only had a few different greases to choose from, and most were petroleum-based. Boy, have times changed! The choices and hype are endless now. In recent years he has become a big fan of synthetic lubricants. For the past few years, he has been looking for and testing different products to try to find the perfect " all-in-one" grease. He thinks he has found it. Now, instead of 5 or 6 types of grease located in different areas of his shop - this is the go-to grease for almost everything. Being fully synthetic you don't have to worry about damage to plastic or rubber parts. Along with the heavy grease he wanted to have the perfect thin grease ( consistency of heavy syrup) to lubricate things needed good penetration and holding power ( hinges, linkages, ball sockets, etc). This lubricant he has had to develop himself ( nothing else like it on the market) and has named it Miracle lube.

Kent's Ultimate Door Lubrication Kit

Product Details



Key features of the heavy grease:

  • Outstanding performance for virtually all applications: high temp wheel bearings, disk brake wheel bearings, U-joints, couplings, severe service high loads, continuous water contact and 5th wheels 
  • Flawless operation in temperatures from -40F up to 450 F for continuous operation; high dropping point of 625 F, 700 kgf EP load, 40% higher than lithium complex greases 
  • Unmatched, high adhesion to metal components; stays in place in the most extreme service; virtually waterproof - less than 1% water loss 
  • Extreme heavy duty performance; will not shear, separate, or liquefy; state-of-the-art additive pack for excellent corrosion inhibition, the optimal flow rate in grease pumping systems, and to maintain cohesion under severe stress and shock loading 
  • Better at Everything - One grease for almost everything with the highest performance rating for nearly all applications


​Key features of the thin miracle lube:

  • Mix of two high performance synthetic lubricants to produce a perfect viscosity
  • Excellent wicking capability
  • High bearing load and very slick surface
  • Strong holding power ( will stay "put" for long periods of time
  • Repells dust and dirt better than any other lube
  • Long applictor provided to get into tight places
  • Soft 4oz. squeeze bottle for precise application

Just keep. both of these in your tool box. They will work anywhere else to need to lubricate moving parts.


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