M113 V8 Engine Accessory Drive Belt 100K Service Kit

Applies to most V8 (NOT M119) engines from 1998 to 2003 - SEE models below. This is a must do service! High quality Continental Serpentine belt included.

For E430, ML430, E500, E55. S500, CL500, and SL500 through 2003. Every M112 V8 I have worked on starts making front engine bearing noise around 90K to 100K. Almost like clockwork! This is a service you will want to perform whether you have had your Benz for a long time or just purchased one. Don't ignore this or you will end up getting strandend when your engine throws the serpentine belt. The three most neglected maintenance jobs I see on these cars (even when well maintained) are cabin air filters, front engine accessory bearings, and motor mounts.

M113 V8 Engine Accessory Drive Belt 100K Service Kit

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Replacement of these parts is so easy (especially compared to other engines) that this is definitely a job you can do yourself with minimal hand tools. I originally had planned to do a video instruction but found there are so many vidoes and information on the internet concerning this job that I decided against adding the expense and just kept the parts cost as low as possible

Here is a youtube video link to help you understand just how easy this job is: https://youtu.be/iPkRdudwK8M

Kent has developed a special tool to make installation a "snap." See related products below.

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