1996 to 2006 Mercedes Benz Part 18: Front Engine Noises

Do you have strange noises coming from the front of your engine. More often than not the noise is coming from one or more worn bearings on the engine accessories or belt pulleys. Removing the serpentine belt may be the only way to really diagnose the noise. Kent will show you an example on this Mercedes E500.

In this multi-part video series, Kent covers some of the most common service and maintenance you can do on these 96'-06' cars yourself. Once again, if you are going to own one and you want a happy and long lasting "marriage" you had better learn how to do some of the maintenance yourself. The series begins will some of the simple things you can do if you are just starting out working on your own Benz and will move on to some of the more difficult intermediate D.I.Y. jobs.

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