Making Certain the Turbo Inlet Elbow Seals Stay in Place - On Demand Video

WARNING: Inlet air leaks at turbo can shorten engine life! Modifying the plastic elbow assures tight seal

This is a BIG problem! Failure to fix it can shorten engine life by allowing dirt to enter the combustion chambers thus damaging the piston rings which lead to low compression, poor fuel economy, hard starting, high oil consumption and loss of power.

Making Certain the Turbo Inlet Elbow Seals Stay in Place - On Demand Video

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In this video, I will explain the problem and show you how to modify your plastic intake elbow so you can be certain the rubber seals stay firmly in place thus preventing any unfiltered air from entering your engine. 

This video does NOT cover removing the air filter housing or the intake elbow. That procedure is straight forward only requires removing 3 10mm head nuts inside the housing and loosening the clamps on each end of the plastic elbow.


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