Read and Clear Check Engine Light Codes: 1988 to 1995 Mercedes - On Demand Video

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If you have a Mercedes of this era equipped with an impulse code reader you will find a little numbered black box similar to the one in the pictured here in your engine compartment. It is located over by the battery and may have a black cover on it that can be lifted off. This is referred to as an OBD1 code reader. (First series of on board diagnostics) 

Read and Clear Check Engine Light Codes: 1988 to 1995 Mercedes - On Demand Video
On Demand Video
Mercedes Benz Impulse Codes - On Demand Video

Product Details

If your check engine light comes on, you can use this little device to read the trouble code or codes. These numbered codes will let you know what part of the engine may be malfunction. Once you repair the problem you can used this little black box to “clear the codes” and reset the check engine light. 

ACCESSING ERROR CODE CHARTS: In this video Kent says he will include a PDF download of some of the code charts. He found it was easier to just send you to a link and you can print the charts out as needed. You can also google search for other code charts for other models. CLICK HERE to view common code charts:

In this video Kent will explain how this analog system works, how to get the codes read, how to get more information on the problem, and then how to clear the codes. This will turn the check engine light off. NOTE: the light may come back on soon if you have not really fixed the problem!.

For this video Kent uses a 1992 190E 2.6. The following details are covered in this on demand video:

  • Location
  • Models covered
  • How to activate the counter
  • Reading the impulses 
  • How to get mutliple codes read
  • Powering the code reader
  • Where to get a code chart for your model
  • Recommendations for finding additional information on each code
  • How do do this only using your finger (so special tool required)
  • Checking for ALL codes
  • Clearing ALL codes
  • What to do if check engine light comes back on
  • How to find additional information on how to fix the problem

NOT INCLUDED: Service codes are needed to find out what the impulse code(s) really mean. These charts are available on the internet and can be found my doing google searching. SEE LINK in description above for most common code charts. No code reader tool is included. No information is included on actually fixing your engine. This video only covers reading and clearing fault codes.

Total Run Time: 13:08


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