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Early W126 Klima Heater Control Monovalve Conversion without Heated Windshield Washer Fluid Tank

Free Performance Kit Included. For most 126 sedans and coupes 1981 through 1985. Replaces the original Bosch valve on ACCIII U.S. Automatic Climate Control cars - Limited Stock

PLEASE NOTE In stock now and ready to ship. No detailed instructions at this time, but it is not a difficult install this unit once you remove the false firewall at the back of the engine. You will be able to gain access to the monovalve and electric pump assembly.

On Demand Video

How to Install the Klima Heater Control Valve in the late W123 and the 380SL - On Demand Video

Since this really is a "plug and play" unit, it is very easy to install. No modifications at all are needed!

In this instructional video, Kent demonstrates how easy it is to install the Klima heater control valve ( monovalve replacement ). If you have one of these popular and classic Mercedes, this is the best upgrade you can make for your climate control.

On Demand Video

1981 to 1991 Monovalve Climate Control Electric Water Pump Upgrade Installation Instructions - On Demand Video

How to install a newer style pump in your late W123, late R107 and W126 with ACCIII automatic climate control

In this 30-minute instructional video, Kent will explain how this new pump compares to the original, what is included in the kit and why, how to make a new plugin wiring harness, demonstrate step by step how to install this pump in a late W123 and explain the differences you will face when instal


1981 to 1985 ACCIII Climate Control Performance Enhancement Kit

Must do for 1981 to 1985 W123, W126 and R107 with automatic climate control. You won't believe what you find under your dash!!!

The parts in this little kit will do two things.  1. Protect your climate control push button panel. 2. The system will get more accurate readings from the climate control sensor on top of your dash.


1982 to 1984 W123 Turbo Diesel Heater Coolant Hoses and Pipes - USED

HALF PRICE SPECIAL. All the hoses, metal pipes and clamps from the auxiliary water pump to the monovalve and into the firewall

This is part of our winter halfprice sale. Specials changing weekly. Only one available as shown. Good used pipes and hoses as shown. The hoses are still soft with no evidence of cracking. The pipes are reasonably clean with no evidence they're close to rusting through.


Late W123 Bosch Electric Auxiliary Water Pump BYPASS Kit

If the electric pump is not working and you don't want to replace it. GET IT OUT of your system!

Since the original style Bosch electric water pumps are no longer available NEW. If you need a replacement pump, you have three options. 1. Buy a used pump. 2. Buy our newer pump conversion upgrade. 3. Take your inoperable pump out of the system.