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1998 to 2006 4matic Transfer Case Quick Fluid Change Bottle

Extensively modified to pressure fill the transfer case from the bottle up. No need to remove fill plug! Yahoo!!!

If you have ever changed the fluid in a 4matic transfer case you will understand why Kent is so excited about his new custom pressure bottle.


Easy-No-Mess Rear End and Manual Trans Fluid Fill Tank

Designed by Kent - Now he likes under car fluid changes! :-) Full 20 minute video drain and fill instructions included. Please read important note on the revision made on 3/3/20.

This tank works amazing! Put in the heavy rear end or trans fluid. Pump up the pressure. Stick the non-fall-out end in to fill hole... and just push on the valve in the handle of the filling wand.


Modified 14mm Long Handle Rear Drain Plug Removal Tool

WORKS ONLY WITH ORIGINAL OE DRAIN PLUG -- Custom hex wrench redesigned in our shop for a more comfortable grip - for rear end and manual transmission plugs

A better performing and more comfortable 14mm hex wrench to use when changing the fluid in your rear end. Watch the video to see why.