SMOOTH Antenna Mast Cable for Hirschmann Power Antenna 116 123 126

Includes written instructions by Kent Bergsma

 IMPORTANT NOTE: We do not sell replacement antenna masts by year and model. We have run across too many problems with confusion, interchangeability, and previously swapped antennas. We sell a SMOOTH TAIL mast and a TOOTH TAIL mast.

SMOOTH Antenna Mast Cable for Hirschmann Power Antenna 116 123 126
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Power Antenna Mast Replacement Instructions by Kent Bergsma

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Smooth tails were used on most of the power Hirschmann antennas up to the early 80's and tooth tails were used on the later masts. For you to order the proper one you must partially remove your current mast and inspect. Is the white plastic tail more or less smooth or does it have teeth in it? The one describe here is the SMOOTH style. Look below to view the toothed style.

To inspect loosen the top small nut that holds the mast to the antenna tower. Pull up slightly on the antenna to inspect the tail. If it won't come up and your antenna is not working you may have to pull a little harder. If you antenna is working you can turn on your radio to run it up BRIEFLY.

If your antenna motor is running - but the mast is not going up all the way or retracting entirely back down it is a fair bet that a new mast will solve the problem. PLEASE keep in mind it may not solve all your antenna issues. There may be problems with the switching or motor inside the antenna. My PDF instructions will show you how to easily replace the mast without removing the antenna body from the car or opening it up. You will be amazed at how easy the instructions are to read and follow.


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