SPECIAL PURCHASE CERAMIC Rear Brake Pads - Most Models 1968 to 1991

FREE CERAMIC BRAKE GREASE. Full set for left and right rear calipers. Fits R107 W108 W109 W111 W113 W114 W115 W116 W123 and W126 chassis - NOT for 201 or 124 Chassis

FITS THE FOLLOWING: all W107, W108, 109, W111, W113, W114, W115, W116, W123 and W126 chassis from 1969 to 1991. See models listed below. NOTE: Four pads included for both sides of rear axle. Tired of excess brake dust and poor performance during heavy braking? These are amazing brake pads. The built in anti-squeal plates will eliminate chatter between the caliper piston and back of pad. The cut slot in the center reduces heat and keeps the pads clean. The ceramic material in the pads helps reduce dust and the chamfered edges help reduce scoring. HIGHLY RECOMMEND installing NEW rotors when switching to CERAMIC pads.

SPECIAL PURCHASE CERAMIC Rear Brake Pads - Most Models 1968 to 1991

Product Details

NO INSTRUCTIONS OR EXTRAS with this special price. We recommend you use Genuine Mercedes Brake Pad Paste when installing new pads.  Applied to the side edges of the metal part of the pads will assure you have no annoying squealing "down the road." Look below to add to your order.

Fits the following models of the chassis and years listed above:

Mercedes-Benz 220 Mercedes-Benz 220D Mercedes-Benz 230 Mercedes-Benz 240D Mercedes-Benz 250 Mercedes-Benz 250C Mercedes-Benz 250S Mercedes-Benz 250SE Mercedes-Benz 250SL Mercedes-Benz 280 Mercedes-Benz 280C Mercedes-Benz 280CE Mercedes-Benz 280E Mercedes-Benz 280S Mercedes-Benz 280SE Mercedes-Benz 280SEL Mercedes-Benz 280SL Mercedes-Benz 300CD Mercedes-Benz 300D Mercedes-Benz 300SD Mercedes-Benz 300SDL Mercedes-Benz 300SE Mercedes-Benz 300SEL Mercedes-Benz 300TD Mercedes-Benz 350SD Mercedes-Benz 350SDL Mercedes-Benz 380SE Mercedes-Benz 380SEC Mercedes-Benz 380SEL Mercedes-Benz 380SL Mercedes-Benz 380SLC Mercedes-Benz 420SEL Mercedes-Benz 450SE Mercedes-Benz 450SEL Mercedes-Benz 450SL Mercedes-Benz 450SLC Mercedes-Benz 500SEC Mercedes-Benz 500SEL Mercedes-Benz 560SEC Mercedes-Benz 560SEL Mercedes-Benz 560SL

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