W123 Oil Pressure Gauge Actuator Replacement Instructions w/ Special Tool

Works on all 123 chassis 1977 to 1985 - common source of oil leak under dash

Oil leaks at the oil pressure gauge are becoming an increasing problem, particularly on the 1981 to 1985 turbo diesel models. You will discover it when you see wetness at the bottom lip of your instrument cluster or you find oil leaking on your feet or legs.

W123 Oil Pressure Gauge Actuator Replacement Instructions w/ Special Tool
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W123 Oil Pressure Gauge Actuator Replacement Instructions by Kent Bergsma - Download

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The leak may be due to the added heat of the engine oil on these engines that is weakening the soldered seal on the bi-metallic chamber tube that actuates the needle. When this happens your only option is to replace the entire engine instrument (specific to your year and model) or as an alternative just replace the oil pressure actuator assembly (this part is common to all years and models). New parts are currently not available so you must replace the failed part with a used unit.

KIt contains complete PDF instructions on replacing the pressure actuator in your engine instrument along with a special modified screwdriver.

PLEASE NOTE: Instructions do not include removing the instrument cluster from your dash or removing the engine instrument from the cluster housing. If you are not familiar with that procedure please see my manual on Instrument Cluster Removal. You may also want to consider purchasing our dash removal tools which make the job much easier. Just type "instrument cluster removal" in the search box or see related products below.


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