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How to Use Kent's New Instrument Cluster Removal Tools - On Demand Video

Tips and tricks to get those stubborn clusters out of the dash

This video is free with the purchase of Kent's new dash cluster pull tool set. If you just want to see how he uses the tools and some tricks to get difficult clusters out you are welcome to purchase this video separately.  Approximate run time is 20 minutes.


R107 W116 W123 W126 W201 W124 R129 W140 Instrument Cluster Removal Tools

With Free Video Instructions - For most models from 1972 to 1999

Removing a Mercedes instrument cluster from any of the chassis listed is easy with these special "pull" tools. Many owners do not realize that the instrument cluster is just pushed into the dash panel and not held in with any bolts or screws.

On Demand Video

Replacing and Servicing Screw Cap Style Ignition Key Tumbler Assemblies - On Demand Video

For select models 1975 to 1989. With the right tools and knowledge you can do this yourself sitting in the car!

This video is not only going to show you how to remove and replace the “screw cap” style tumbler, but it also going to explain the theory of operation and how to avoid certain pitfalls when doing this job yourself. And YES, there are pit falls.


Screw Cap Style Ignition Tumbler Service and Replacement Tool Kit

Do tumbler service and replacement inside the car with Kent's custom tools and FREE detailed VIDEO instructions

If you have been around old Mercedes for any length of time, you have probably run into a problem with your ignition key starting to "stick" or one that would not turn.  This problem can leave you stranded and could cost hundreds of dollars to fix $$$.


1977 TO 1980 W123 Black Plastic Shift Cover - USED

Can replace a bad wood cover - cutout for early larger flasher unit - for manual hand crank windows

Very good black plastic cover as shown. Originally came on early 240D but can also fit 300D 300CD and 300TD. Rear Pin on back side not broken off as in most. Straight panel and mounts securely. Note: No cutouts for power window switches.

Currently out of stock.

W123 Right Side Manual Mirror Inside Chrome Cover Plate - NICE USED

Passenger side chrome cover for all sedans and wagons W123 with manually adjusting right outside mirror

ONLY ONE AVAILABLE. Works on all 123 sedans and wagons from 1977 to 1981 with right side manually adjusting mirror. These are hard to find with the top pin intact along with the littler wire clip (included as shown below).  Both clips on the bottom are there also.

Currently out of stock.

W123 Left Driver REAR Window Regulator with Motor Very Good Used

Fits 1980 to 1985 300D 300TD only (sedans and wagons)

Above-average driver-side rear door power window regulator and working motor. Has been tested. Not perfect. Not broken or cracked but slightly bent. Good teeth with only slight wear on a few. Lubricate well before installing. 


W123 W126 Glove Box Hinge Adjustment and Removal Tool

Now removal of that difficult round slotted nut has never been easier - plus it pops the clips out.

Any of us who have owned a 1977 to 1985 Mercedes W123 for any length of time have probably had to deal with the glove box door at some point. The hardest part is loosening and removing that weird little round slotted nut on the two hinge points.

Currently out of stock.

Early W123 Instrument Cluster Plastic Housing w/ Rubber Seal - USED

Early 77 to 79 triangle point turn signal style but fits all 123 diesel 240D 300D 300CD 300TD 1977 to 1985 - Free On Demand Video Included

Good used housing with good clear plastic that is NOT scratched or had the face pulled off and reglued. One of the best we have recently seen. Unmolested. The clear plastic light tunnels are good.

Currently out of stock.

Late 123 Early 126 Steering Wheel USED - Only One Available

Fits 123 240D 300D 300CD 300TD and 126 380SE 380SEL 300SD 1981 to 1985 ( non airbag ONLY )

Good used steering wheel and horn pad as shown.  Not perfect but above average. It is worn some at the top but still has slight grain there. The rubber is very firm on the ring ALL the way around the wheel. No chunks are torn out of the rubber. Getting hard to find them even this nice.


Lower Front Seat Spring Sag Repair and Restoration Kit

For ONE 116, 123 and 126 Chassis Sedans, Coupes or Wagon Seat Bottom

For ONE 116, 123 and 126 Chassis Sedans, Coupes or Wagon Seat Bottom. This unique kit is designed to help you repair and restore one broken down front seat bottom so common in the 116, 123 and 126 chassis Mercedes built from 1973 to 1991.


Front Seat Repair Manual by Kent Bergsma

Fits all chassis: 107, 114, 115, 116, 123, 126, 201 and 124. This repair manual is written for all Mercedes models from the early 1970s up to the later 1980s.


1980 to 1985 240D 300D 300CD 300TD and 81 to 87 126 300SD 300SDL Complete Steering Lock and Tumbler Assembly - NOS

8/21 update. New OLD GENUINE MERCEDES STOCK found. Limited supply. Only fits years and models noted. Will NOT fit W116 or R107 models ( See related products below)

As of the summer of 2020 steering locks for these old diesels are no longer being manufactured! Your only option if your key is sticking ( and you already tried replacing the tumbler and key) is to try to find a good used unit or a new old stock unit in some warehouse.

123 Glove Box Maintenance and Repair Guide

123 Glove Box Maintenance and Repair Guide - by Kent Bergsma

For all 123 chassis cars sedans, coupes and wagons from 1977 to 1985. Why a glove box manual? Of all the Mercedes glove boxes I have worked with from the early 1950s up to the mid 1990s, the 123 chassis glove box has proven to be the one that needs the most attention AND

Currently out of stock.

240D Manual Transmission Shift Boot with Video Instructions

New Mercedes Benz Part - Nice! - easy install after watch Kent's included on demand video.

New quality rubberized shift boot for all 240D 1974 to 1983. Will also fit European 300D with four speed manual transmission. 



On Demand Video
Chasing Interior Water Leaks in Older Mercedes Benz - On Demand Video

Part 1: Chasing Interior Water Leaks in Older Mercedes Benz - On Demand Video

Example of diagnosing a severe water leak in a W124 chassis wagon. Principles apply to many models.

Interior water leaks are very common. More so on the older 108, 116, 114, 115. 123, and 126 chassis than on the 201 and 124 chassis. This is largely due to the fact that the older models used rubber seals on the rear glass and on the front windshield (except the 126).

On Demand Video
Removing and Replacing an Inside Rear View Mirror

Removing and Replacing an Inside Rear View Mirror - On Demand Video

Hard enough to remove and almost impossible to reinstall by hand unless...

Understanding how an inside rear view mirror is mounted is essential for proper removal and replacement. The mirror can be easily damaged if you do not know the tricks to getting it snapped back into the mounting bracket in the head liner.

On Demand Video
Detailing the Interior of an Older Mercedes Benz by Kent Bergsma

Extreme Detailing Part 1: Interior Carpets, Upholstery, and Panels - On Demand Video

Learn how to use some unique products make the job easier, faster and more enjoyable

In this video Kent shares his secrets on how to make the inside of an old Benz look like new again. Now granted, you must have a reasonably good car to start with.  He is not going to show you how to reupholster, change seats and door panels, etc.


123 300TD Wagon Rear Hatch Release and Locking Mechanism Undamaged - USED

Excellent condition. Fits Late 1981 - 1985 300TD Wagons Only -- GOOD Handle attachment tab intact

Very hard to find with the pull tab intact for the chrome inside handle. Most are broken off. If this mechanism is all corroded you may not even get your hatch open. This one came out of a very clean wagon with no corrosion and the mechanism operates smoothly. Chrome handle not included.

Currently out of stock.

W123 LEFT Side Manual Mirror Inside Chrome Cover Plate - NICE USED

DRIVER side chrome cover for all sedans and wagons W123 with manually adjusting left outside mirror

Works on all 123 sedans and wagons from 1977 to 1985 with LEFT side manually adjusting mirror. These are hard to find with the top pin intact along with the littler wire clip (included as shown below).  Both clips on the bottom are there also. No chipping or corrosion in chrome.

On Demand Video

W123 Instrument Cluster Removal Procedure Without Damage - On Demand Video

For all 123 sedans, coupes, and wagons 1977 to 1985 - Special tools are required see related products

In the video instruction, Kent will show you the step-by-step procedure on how to safely remove the instrument cluster from the dash. It will require our special dash pull tools that can be purchased separately.

Currently out of stock.

Late W123 Center Dash Wood Trim w/ Glove Box Cover

For 1981 to 1985 Turbo Models with black dash.

Only one set available. These are the exact 3 pieces you will receive. Note the color of the wood is light-grained. The plastic panel with the latch on the backside of the glove box is NOT included. 

Currently out of stock.

W123 W126 DIESEL Steering Lock and Key Assembly Modified x 2 and REBUILT

Key sticking or stuck? New are NLA. Most used are worn out internally so new tumbler won't fix them. What to do??? We have the solution!!!

This assembly with two keys included will fit the 1977 to 1985 240D 300D 300CD and 300TD. It will also fit the 1981 to 1985 300SD and the 1986 to 1987 300SDL.


W123 Separated Dash Wood Repair Kit

Includes the best glue and Kent's lengthy (23 minute) video instructions

Tired of trying to get your bent dash wood to stick to the dash? Have you tried to glue it or use tape only to have it loosen or fall off again? This new kit Kent put together will solve the loose dash wood problem once and for all.

On Demand Video

How to Glue the Dash Wood Back in Place So it Will Stay - On Demand Video

Specific instructions for the 1977 to 1985 W123 chassis ( which are losing their dash wood right and left ) but principles apply to other models.

This is a very common problem on the W123. The wood will just fall off someday. Worse when the car is left outside or in a hot climate.


Late W123 Sedan and Wagon Right Front Window Regulator and Motor - Used

No longer available new. Hard to find. Fits 1980 to 1985 240D 240TD 300D 300TD 280E - SUPER excellent condition

Way above average. Straight and very smooth working. Appears to be a replacement in the not-so-distant past. SUPER hard to find. Only one available  If you do not know how to install I have a PDF on getting the door panel off and a video on wokring on the window regulator.


W123 Passenger Front Seat Track Assembly Complete - USED

Fits 1977 to 1985 240D, 300D, 300TD, and 280E. Has the height adjuster so can be installed in a 240D that only has the fore and aft adjustment.

Good right, front 123 seat track assembly as shown. Above-average condition with excellent black plastic side and front seat pull handles. Screws and other hardware as shown are included. Seat tracks will need to be lubricated before installation. 

Currently out of stock.

Late W123 Drive Seat Lower Spring and Foam Seat Pad - USED

Fits 1980 to 1985 240D, 300D, 300TD and 280E. Spring with fit early W126 and late W116 but this foam pad is specific for the W123 vinyl upholstery.

Only one is available. This is the exact part you will receive. No breaks in the springs,  This came off the right seat so it is not fatigued. Will fit right or left. If you do not know how to remove and take apart a 123 front seat the information is included in my seat repair manual.


1965 to 1980 Factory Tool for Emergency Sunroof Operation - USED

This came mounted by the sunroof motor on almost all early models with electric sunroofs.

This is a cool factory tool. Please see your owner's handbook to learn more about how to use it. In many of these old cars it has long since been lost. 

In order for this tool to work your Benz has to have this exact type of cable drive assembly. 

On Demand Video

How in Make and Install a New Plastic Sheet Door Liner - On Demand Video

Kent will show you his tips and tricks on replacing an old damaged door liner quickly with results that are better than factory!

This video will not only save the condition of your door panel, but it will save you a lot of time and frustration when you go to replace a door panel after doing maintenance inside your door. Those old plastic film liners always seem to be torn, ripped, and downright ugly.


1975 to 1985 Automatic Shifter Knob and Indicator Cover - USED

Fits late W114, W115, W116 and all W123 Chassis. Does not fit the W126 models.

Only the shift knob and the plastic cover as shown included here. Very good letter indicators. Very nice chrome trim. This is only the knob and cover. Does not include the mechanical shifter mechanism which is located under this cover  (see related below).

Currently out of stock.

1980 to 1985 Steering Wheel Hex Bolt

Fits 1980 to 1985 W123 and W126

Very good bolt with tight hex. Always use thread locking compound when replacing these bolts. Easy to round out with the wrong tool. See correct tool below:


Late 123 PASSENGER Front Seat Shoulder Harness Latch - USED

ONLY FITS SOME MODELS at end of W123 production - see picture below to make sure your male locking insert is the same style as yours

Only one available. Make sure yours is an exact match before ordering. Good clean and strong latching mechanism. NOTE: This will also work for the driver seat. You just won't have the wiring for the seat belt buzzer. 

Your male harness insert MUST LOOK THE SAME as this picture. 


Late 123 Driver Front Seat Shoulder Harness Latch - USED

ONLY FITS SOME MODELS at end of W123 production- see picture below to make sure your male locking insert is the same style as yours

Only one available. Make sure yours is an exact match before ordering. Good clean and strong latching mechanism. 

Your male harness insert MUST LOOK THE SAME as this picture. 


W123 Front Seat Rear Bolt Down Nut Plate

These are often rusted out and or broken

Nut plate and bolt as shown for rear seat hold down on all W123 1976 to 1985. May have slight corrosion on the plate but in good usable condition.


Front Seat Padding Booster Kit

For worn or collapsed padding on W114, W115, W116, W123 and W126 chassis seats with digital instructions ( PDF and Video)

If you have a reasonably good front seat bottom that is just a little HARD to sit on for any length of time then this "booster" kit may help solve your problem.

On Demand Video

Front Lower Seat Cushion Restoration - On Demand Video

Here is the solution to aching "buns." Applies to W114 W115 W116 W123 and Early W126 1973 to 1985

Our seat spring repair kit has been a great success! It can easily repair sagging on broken front seat springs. But what about seat padding. A  lot of the older ( 1970's to 1980's glued fiber seat padding can crush down and even disintegrate over time.


W116 W123 Front Seat Adjustment Handle Replacement / Installation Kit

2 handles with custom installation tools and complete video instructions

The plastic seat adjustment handles are now one of the most common failure items on all 116 chassis sedans from 1973 to 1980 and all 123 chassis sedans, wagons and coupes from 1977 to 1985. It is just the nature of old plastic.