W123 W126 Glove Box Hinge Adjustment and Removal Tool

Now removal of that difficult round slotted nut has never been easier - plus it pops the clips out.

Any of us who have owned a 1977 to 1985 Mercedes W123 for any length of time have probably had to deal with the glove box door at some point. The hardest part is loosening and removing that weird little round slotted nut on the two hinge points.

W123 W126 Glove Box Hinge Adjustment and Removal Tool

Product Details

Kent got tired of dealing with this little nut so he came up with his own special tool. It is a wide blade screwdriver with a special ground tip to get in and easily loosen and tighten the nut. Loosening this nut will allow you to adjust how well the glove box door closes.

Tool also works on the same slotted nuts on the W126 chassis cars from 1981 to 1991. You have to push down on the door to get the screw driver straight onto the nut.

You can also use this same tool to pry out the pin plugs that hold the glove box in place. these can be a pain to get out and this tool will prevent deforming the pin.

This tool is now being made in our shop and available for purchase. It comes with a rubber protective tip to prevent damage to the narrow tangs and to prevent poking your hand! Be sure to check out Kent's little kit for repairing the latch assembly inside the 123 glove box door. See related products.


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