W201 Front Power Seat Switch Removal and Replacement - On Demand Video

A step-by-step video on how to do it right - Bonus feature on modifying switches from other models.

If your power seat is not working it is hard to determine if it is a switch, a motor under or inside the seat, or a wiring problem. From our experience  xx % of the time the problem is in a worn out or failed electrical seat switch. If you look at the picture here of a switch opened up you will wonder why they last as long as they do!  Do not try to fix one inside - we do NOT recommend it - and this on demand video DOES NOT cover taking these switches apart and try to fix them on the bench….

W201 Front Power Seat Switch Removal and Replacement - On Demand Video
On Demand Video
Mercedes 201 Power Seat Switch - On Demand Video

Product Details

This is a step-by-step removal and replacement video and only covers the following:

  • Over view of job
  • Tools needed for switch removal
  • Removing the adjusting knobs from the cover plate (carefully!)
  • Avoiding damaging the switch pins
  • Removing the cover plate properly (without damaging switch)
  • Removing the switch screws without dropping them
  • How to remove the wiring plugs
  • Examples showing the “feel” in a bad switch
  • Using used switches from other models
  • Modifying other chassis switches to fit (only same year range)
  • What to look for when looking for a used switch
  • What switches to avoid
  • Making minor modifications (in detail
  • Replacing the switch
  • Replacing the cover
  • Replacing the adjusting knobs.

Kent will show you some tricks to getting switches from other chassis to work in SOME of the W201 chassis. There is some extra work involved but in most cases it is worth it. New switches are not cheap. If you can find a good used switch you can save some money! 

This video covers the 190E and 190D. Some principles will apply to the later W126 and the W124 chassis but the actually removal sequence may be different from what is covered in this video.

This video does not cover power seat mechanism troubleshooting and repair nor does it cover seat removal. For help with those problems see other related on demand video.

Total run time: 15:22


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