123 Left Driver Side Door Striker Latch Repair Kit

All 240D 300D 300TD - 1977 to 1985 - Special removal tool included

Fits all 123 chassis sedans and wagons from 1977 to 1985. This is the complete kit for the left side front or rear door. It includes a new striker, four new Mercedes OE Allen bolts, special removal tool and instructions.

123 Left Driver Side Door Striker Latch Repair Kit

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    123 left side door striker kit

    Product Details

    If your 123 door is not closing smoothly or is out of alignment, often the solution is to adjust the doors striker plate or replace it if worn out. But loosening the bolts to remove or replace a door striker can be a real pain. Those Allen head bolts were put in so tight at the factory that it can be near impossible to get them loose without destroying the heads. In fact, in over half the strikers I have had to remove or adjust one or more of the bolts could not be loosened with a standard Allen wrench. To add to the problem the bolt heads are soft metal and can be easily rounded out when you attempt to turn the Allen wrench.

    Caution: You can attempt to loosen the bolts with a standard Allen wrench or socket but be warned - if they do not come out without excessive force - STOP - before you round out the head. Once you do that you have no other option than to drill them out. I include four new bolts just in case they are damaged or you need to drill the heads off for removal. The special tool should help you remove most bolts without destroying them. I recommend a hammer type impact wrench to help loosen the most stubborn.

    Complete instructions are included which includes tips on how to properly adjust the door once you replace the striker. If you need the right side please look below.

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