Testing Gas Engine Mechanical Fuel Injectors on than Mercedes Benz

If you car uses a Bosch mechanical fuel injection system then our tester will work!

Over the past few years we have heard from Porsche owners that our tester works great on many of the older models. Just recently we heard from a customer in England that our tester help him clean and test the fuel injectors on his late 1980's Rolls Royce engine that has Bosch C.I.S. fuel injection. So keep in mind if you have a  1960's through 1980's car that uses Bosch fuel injection our injection pressure tester may be just the ticket for your older car. PLEASE NOTE: The bench mount tester we sell WILL NOT WORK ON ELECTRICALLY OPERATED FUEL INJECTORS. So if you have an older Bosch fuel injection system with electrical wires plugging into the injectors our tester will not help you.

Problem & Solution

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