123 Front Door Map Pocket Loose

Very common problem - easy fix once you remove the door panel

If your 123 map pocket is loose in the forward upper corner it means that the door panel was not installed properly or the plastic tab that hooks into the door panel has broken off. I see this on 1 out of 3 map pockets. Finding a good replacement map pocket is becomming very difficult. You can reattach the map pocket to the door panel. It will require that you remove the door panel, find a short sheet metal screw ( 1/4 to 3/8 inch maximum length) and large flat washer, and a drill and drill bit of the correct size (slightly smaller than the diameter of the screw). 

Problem & Solution

Common among these chassis:


Turn the door panel upside down and drill the hole in the thickest part of the broken tab. Be careful where you are drilling and do not in too far or you will come out the other side of the map pocket - and that is ugly!. Drill the hole at a slight angle to keep it from going through. Insert the screw with washer attached into the hole and tighten down.  If you have to force the screw then your drill hole is too small. Do not over tighten. You can now reinstall your door panel.  Just be careful in the future to not yank or pull too hard on the map pocket.

If you are not sure of the proper way to remove your door panel a step-by-step manual is available.