Keeping the 123 Engine Compartment Front Water Drains Clear

Failure to do this can lead to big problems on these models

There are four water drains located under the 123 hood that must be kept clean and open or some serious consequences could result. These include frozen or broken hood hinges, rust problems, and possibly rust out under the battery box tray. If your car is left outside these should be checked every 6 months (especially if you park under or around trees!).

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Problem & Solution

Common among these chassis:


The upper level drains are located right under the forward hood hinge pivot point. If you don't easily spot it, it is probably plugged up with dirt and crud. Take a small screw driver and poke around at the lowest point in that drain area. The lower level drains are a little larger and are located where the lower part of each end of the firewall meets the inner fender panels (two rearmost corners). Poke in and around this area to locate the drain. You may have to reach under the front fender and pull back on the top of the plastic splash guard to clean all the crud away from this drain.

Once you have all four drain points open, get a hose and thoroughly wash down the entire drain system. When dry, use a heavy oil to lubricate the lower hood hinge point. If you do not do this on a regular basis the hinge pivot bushing may seize and tear away from the sheet metal. (Then you have a real problem!)

Rust out under the battery tray can lead to water leaking into the passenger compartment If you discover any rust, remove the battery tray and inspect carefully. For treatment of rust see our Miracle Paint kits for an inexpensive and permanent repair