Manual Transmission Shift Linkage Binding

The transmission will bind or won't shift if worn bushings are out of adjustment

These drawings should help when you have to remove or adjust your shift linkages (220D, 240D, 190D and 190E). They will certainly help to get the rods back in the proper locations. If you have shifting problems then check the adjustments. Note the use of a locking pin in the base of the shifter assembly. You can fabricate anything that fits in the hole and keeps the levers aligned.

Problem & Solution

Common among these chassis:


With the shifter lock pin in place, make certain each lever on the transmission is in the centered position (you will feel it click in). Then adjust the length of each rod so both ends fit easily into the levers (with no resistance or binding).

Replace worn or missing rod bushings. 














 Transmission linkage - 1974-1981 240D. Arrow at top shows locking pin installed prior to adjustment.














Transmission linkage - 1982-1983 240D. Arrow at top shows locking rod installed prior to adjustment.














 Transmission linkage - 190 (4 speed shown, 5 speed similar). Arrow at top shows locking rod installed prior to adjusted.

























Intermediate lever positioning on the 5 speed 190. Arrow shows where locking rod goes.