114/115 Chassis New Rear Bilstein Shock Set

Fits all 114 and 115 cars 1968-1976. The best way to restore the original ride and feel of your Mercedes is to replace your shocks with new Bilsteins. There is no other shock that will perform as well. These are OEM COMFORT shocks that give you the smoothest ride.

114/115 Chassis New Rear Bilstein Shock Set
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Product Details

If you car has a lot of body roll or the rear end is bouncing more than it use to it is time to replace your shock absorbers. Experts agree to not use anything other than original Bilsteins! How can you determine if you do not have the real thing? Look under your car and if your shocks are white, blue, or any color other than black you have imitations. Also look to see if you have any wetness around the top of the shock barrel. If so they are beginning to leak and will fail soon. Try pushing up and down on the rear end. If it does not stop immediately when you cease pushing then your shocks are probably bad. I am offering this set of two (2) rear shocks at a great price. Even if you think your shocks are ok you will be amazed at the improvement when you install these new ones.Sorry, no instructions available.