1971 to 1989 R107 Convertible Rear Subframe Mounts

Get them while you can even if you don't need them now. ONLY for 350SL 450SL 380SL 500SL and 560SL

We are not kidding when we say to get them while you can. Genuine Mercedes replacements are now at $500. When you see prices go up like this you know that supply may be dwindling. The ones we currently have on had are quality aftermarket and we purchased them before the price started going up.

1971 to 1989 R107 Convertible Rear Subframe Mounts $218.00Sale

Product Details

New subframe mounts will eliminate rear-end wiggle and sway typical on these older chassis. No specific 107 instructions are included but we do offer these tips for successful installation. A small tube of silicone grease and brush applicator are included at no extra charge.

1. Coat the rubber with silicone grease when you install them in the subframe opening. They will go in MUCH easier!

2. To get them to fully seat in the opening you can use a piece of wood and a big C-clamp to "crank them in."