201 124 Chassis 190E 300E Thermostat Kit

Fits all 190E and 124 260E 300E 300CE and 300TE 1986 to 1993

New Behr Thermostat and sealing ring rated at 87 degrees C. Correct fit for all 201 and 124 chassis 4 and 6 cylinder gasoline engines from 1984 to 1993. Most thermostats only operate at peak efficiency for few years and should be changed for optimal engine performance. If your engine is not getting hot, the fuel will not burn efficiently - leading to more smoke and poor fuel economy. If you notice your heater not getting as hot as it use to, then this may be a good clue your thermostat is wearing out. A thermostat stuck closed can lead to engine overheating. It is not an expensive part and it is easy to install. If you have any doubts just replace it.

201 124 Chassis 190E 300E Thermostat Kit
102 103 Gas Engine Thermostat

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