722.6 x Sealed for Life Transmission Inspection Kit

For most 1998 to 2006 transmissions - Know what is in there!!! Receive a Related Bonus-Product FREE!

Do you own a 1998 to 2006 Mercedes with the 5 speed automatic that has the MB WORKSHOP ONLY locked cap on the top of the transmission fill tube? Have you wondered how you are ever going to be able to check the transmission fluid??? Kent has come up with an inexpensive answer for the D.I.Y. mechanic. The factory dipstick lists for around $95 and it only measures the fluid and it is not all that easy to see on the black end of it.

722.6 x Sealed for Life Transmission Inspection Kit
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Sealed for Life Transmissions - Breaking in and Inspecting the Fluid - On Demand Video

722.6x Sealed Transmission Inspection Kit Instructions by Kent Bergsma - Download

Product Details

With this kit you will be able to measure the fluid anytime you want and extract fluid for a visual inspection. The extraction option can also be a big help if you accidentally over fill the transmission. The instructions explain in detail how to both measure accurately and how to remove fluid and inspect it visually. These 7 page illustrated instructions include Kent's tips and suggestions for dealing with the "sealed for life" transmission. NOTE: Instructions for using this kit are also available as an on-demand video. See related products.

Kit contents: 

  • Full length measuring tube with accurate measuring marks on insert 
  • Capture bottle for fluid draw
  • 2 new red replacement locking tabs
  • Hose to attach vacuum or hand draw pump
  • 1 pair of heavy duty gloves
  • Complete illustrated instructions (7 pages)

This is something you can do yourself even if you have not worked on cars before. You won't get arrested if you "break into" your transmission and doing it could save you thousands of dollars $$$.


How to view the PDF digital instructions:

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