Bilstein Shock Absorber Removal and Installation Tool

Finally a real tool to hold the top of the shocks while turning the nut or nuts !!

This U.S.A. made 17 mm 8 inch long combination wrench is custom modified here in our shop to help you easily install Bilstein front and rear shocks on most of the older model Mercedes Benz. If the top of your shock absorber has a rod end with two flat sides then this tool will speed the job and save you frustration. The open end head is modified in two ways. First, it is bent at an angle to make it easier to get on the nuts or nuts at the top of the shock. Secondly, a small notch is ground in the head to fit over the end of the rod (with two flat spots) and hold it securely while you remove and install the top nut or nuts. PLEASE NOTE: THE OPEN END OF THE WRENCH IS NOT FOR HEAVY TORQUING (or you will spread the jaws!). Use a standard wrench to break a stubborn nut loose and then you can use this wrench to turn nuts on and off.

Bilstein Shock Absorber Removal and Installation Tool

Product Details

Watch Kent demonstrate how this tool works

Watch Kent's Youtube video by clicking the arrow in the center of the above image to see this new tool in action. 

PLEASE NOTE: The box end of the 17mm combination wrench will either be 12 point or 6 point depending on which quality U.S. made long wrenches we can get. 

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