Early V8 and Diesel Engine Rotation Socket and Extension

27mm six point socket with extension just the right length to fit into the front pulleys and clear the radiator on small V8 and diesel engines up to 1985

For a number of maintenance operations, you need to be able to turn the engine over by hand. This includes valve adjustment, timing chain replacement, injection pump timing on diesel engines, checking and setting internal engine timing, draining the torque converter, and others. The best way to do this is to get the front crankshaft end bolt and rotate the engine clockwise (from the front) with a big ratchet wrench (see related products below). The problem is you need just the right length socket and extension. Too short and you can not get on the bolt head and rotate the engine. Too long and your wrench runs into the radiator or radiator fan shroud. You with receive a 3 inch long extension in either CHROME or BLACK depending on what we have in stock. Watch the video below as Kent explains the challenge and demonstrates the solution to rotating an engine by hand. 

Early V8 and Diesel Engine Rotation Socket and Extension

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It is all about having the right tools

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